Food Service

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We offer a full range of products from Latin America and are ideally positioned to become your supply partner. We are committed to responsibly sourcing the highest quality food products from expert growers, packaging and delivering them to meet our customers’ needs. We have deep knowledge in the food industry, gained over 20+ years of trading, importing, and supplying safe and sustainable food ingredients in the United States. Our experience covers all aspects of the food supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.


Our food service includes full delivery to your chosen location. Whether you need a pallet-by-pallet delivery service in the United States or need truck or bulk container shipments directly from our packers, we work to meet your needs.

Food Service

We offer our customers various lines of products with great nutritional value.

We offer a wide range of products, consisting of frozen, fresh, grain and dry fruits and vegetables, as well as sauces and dressings and our line of snacks, so we have a variety of food products to wholesalers throughout the United States, who can trust us to supply them with quality products for sale in hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, schools, nursing homes and others in the catering industry. We are happy to offer customers a full sampling service to enable product development and approval.


We can also offer client private label packaged products, so if you need to create a private label product line, we accommodate it for you, source the ingredients, process and package the products and label them to meet your requirements.


We will only work with a select number of production facilities with which we have established the optimal quality standards that we require on behalf of our customers.